We help you take a next step.

As The Next Step Community, we are sold out on helping each other delight in taking a next step following Jesus. Not everyone is going to resonate with our values or our basic vibe, and that’s OK; we believe having a variety of options is the best way to sustain real-life discipleship.

Look around. Find something that looks interesting or helpful. Take it or leave it. Better yet,

  • take it;
  • try it out (with someone on your rope);
  • try it out again (because, really, the first time hardly counts);
  • then let us know how it went.

Really. We want to hear from you as you follow Jesus. We’re in this together. And when you discover something that works (or doesn’t), your story will help other people as they try to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus can be confusing, difficult, frustrating, or painful; and following Jesus is the best adventure of all.