Vision and Values

Heading in the Same Direction

Here are some of our core values and ideas. The more you are on board with these, the more you will dig the stuff we’re putting out. Even if these seem strange to you, you are welcome here.

All of the content we put out, all of the discussions we moderate, all of the suggestions we pass on will be run through these values like a filter. We won’t be perfect at this, but here is the kind of community we are trying to build.

Try it; You’ll Like it

We want to cultivate an attitude of adventure, play, and innovation when it comes to following Jesus. You are unique and wonderfully made; one size does not fit all when it comes to following Jesus. Part of the delight of taking a next step is knowing that your next step is tailor made by Jesus to move you forward in faith.

We’re Better Together

We are all unique; and we were designed to go together. You hold hands when you cross the street; you have a swim buddy; you trek across dangerous terrain clipped onto a climbing rope with other travelers. You need some solitude in your faith life; and you will need other people to follow Jesus with you.

Jesus at the Center & the Leading Edge

The Next Step Community holds a high view of Scripture, because Jesus showed a commitment to Scripture. We want to meet people where they are and move them forward, one step at a time, because that’s how Jesus treated people. No topic or question is inherently out of bounds, and we don’t provide simple answers; Jesus was open to all kinds of honest struggles, and his teaching was often complex.

We want Jesus to be at the center of what we do, and at the leading edge of our interaction with others.

Authentic Grace

We welcome authentic interaction with God as well as authentic confusion or doubt. Authentic sinners can be authentically forgiven. Just because you are authentic doesn’t mean you aren’t wrong; but even when you are wrong, you are covered by Jesus.

We value relationship over being right, and we trust God’s grace in Jesus and the ongoing work of the Spirit over our understanding or opinions.

You are welcome here; and being part of the community means being open to the possibility that you don’t know everything yet.