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A Place to Belong

While you need some alone time, and you need a few, close personal relationships to help you follow Jesus, you also need a larger community of faith.

God gave us the Church as a gift, and even with all the legitimate reasons we have to be skeptical about an organization run by imperfect people, there are still some gifts God gives best through a local congregation.

On this page, you will find resources designed to help the local church create a culture of discipleship. And you'll also find some resources to help you get the most out of your connection to a congregation. Churches aren't perfect, and Jesus still promises to show up there. What will he give you next?

42 Seconds Bible Class Notes and Sermon Series

We follow Jesus better when we follow him together. That's why, here at Next Step Press, we not only create our own resources, we promote and enhance work by others who can help you take a next step.

The book 42 Seconds by Carl Medearis can do just that. Carl offers real life insight to the joy of discovering that comes from living out your faith in the context of your daily life. And we went ahead and supplemented this outstanding book with a four-part sermon series complete with Bible Study notes.

Buy the book. Then download the free 42 Seconds Resource Pack from Next Step Press Patreon page. Together, these tools will help focus your whole congregation on taking a next step together.

Start a Local Next Step Innovation Green House

Next Step Press is connected to a team of discipling experts, and while we are actively learning more about following Jesus, we are glad to share with local congregations what we have discovered so far.

To help you develop a Next Step Innovation Green House in your local setting, we offer one-day leadership seminars, weekend discipleship retreats, and even two- to four-week sermon series that we will lead at your location.

Your leaders will learn what has worked before; more importantly, they will be equipped to run their own discipleship experiments in helping people delight in taking a next step.

The Next Step Community gives your Innovation Green House a place to share their discoveries and provides essential support.

To talk about options and pricing, or to schedule an event, please email

Hymn Journal Resources

The way Next Step Press hymn journals combine Scripture readings, devotional thoughts, worship music, and faith experiments make them an ideal resource for a congregation-wide Bible study or sermon series.

Light in the Darkness would make an excellent Advent-Christmas-Epiphany series.

When from Death I'm Free is readily adaptable to cover not only Holy Week, but the entire Lenten season.

Ponder Anew includes some favorite hymn of trust and confidence, making it a great resource for the long season of Pentecost.

Bulk pricing and sermon resources are available. Start the conversation by emailing

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