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We Help You Take A Next Step

The books and resources published by Next Step Press have one goal in mind: we want to help you find delight in following Jesus, one small step at a time. Find a resource that's good for you. Then invite a select group of friends to join you for the journey. We follow Jesus better when we follow Him together.

Winner of the 2020 BIBA Award for best independently published Christian book, Delight! is designed to help you find new joy in your relationship with God in Jesus Christ. You'll get a new appreciation of how much God delights in you, and how adventurous the life of faith can be! Find out more.

Jesus at the Center of My Messy Life: Tales from the Next Step Community, Year One

This anthology of blogs from The Next Step Community is sure to help you see your faith walk in a new light. Real people struggle with following Jesus in honest ways that bring insight and joy to your own journey.

The Emotional Devotional:
Following Jesus in Every Emotion

Written and illustrated by teenage girls, for teenage girls, these devotions and prayers provide a real, accessible, and down-to-earth way of inviting Jesus into whatever emotions you are experiencing. Whether you get one for yourself or for a teenager you love, this resource is an invitation to take a small step toward following Jesus in every emotion.

The Hymn Journal Phenomenon

Three of our best-selling resources put a new spin on an old craze: Bible journaling goes to a new level when you add lyrics, devotions, and faith experiments.

With engaging illustrations from Visual Faith™ Ministry artists, these hymn journals add depth and breadth to your journey of faith.

Each hymn journal also has an entire season of the Next Step Podcast dedicated to exploring the art, music, and theology in ways that make it come alive. Perfect for individuals, small groups, or congregational use as a study or seasonal sermon series.

Discover more about each hymn journal below, or visit our friends from Visual Faith™ Ministry at

Light in the Darkness: A Hymn Journal for Advent & Christmas

9 traditional hymns and carols and 3 new songs from Brooke Orozco make this resource a great way to slow down and get the most our of your Christmas season.

When from Death I'm Free: A Hymn Journal for Holy Week

6 worship songs from Kip Fox join 6 of your favorite hymns to form a wonderful experience of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. The devotions, music, and art will help you explore, journal, ponder, and grow.

Ponder Anew: A Hymn Journal of Trust & Confidence

12 hymns of trust and confidence you love to sing. Scripture readings, devotions, and faith experiments that help you spend time in God's Word. Illustrations that invite meditation: this hymn journal has it all!

More Resources from Next Step Press

Come, Holy Spirit: A Daily Discipleship Travel Log for Easter to Pentecost

When was the last time you prayed for the Holy Spirit? Over the course of 40 days, this Discipleship Travel Log explores the role of the Spirit as a sculptor who shapes us to look more like Jesus. The daily Scripture readings, devotions, and prayers help you lean into the work of the Spirit in your everyday life.

You, Follow Me: A Daily Discipleship Travel Log for Advent & Christmas

The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year seem to be some of the most hectic of the year. This discipleship travel log offers real help for a busy season. Available in paperback, on Kindle, and in a large print edition with wide margins for taking notes or adding color.

Preaching, Post-COVID: What We've Learned about Sermons, Sermon Series, and Your Preaching Ministry

This eBook supports both individual development and collaborative conversation around the changes in our communications environment. Get your copy on Kindle, receive a thank you PDF for signing up as a discipling leader, or contact Next Step Press to resource your group.

Preaching Metaphor: How to Shape Sermons that Shape People

Preaching week after week can be a burden. This book invites you into a way of imagining and experiencing preaching that brings life back to your pulpit. You'll have fun exploring new ways to let the dynamics of the Gospel shine through in your sermons and in the lives of the people for whom you preach.

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