Advent 2019

Real Help for a Busy Season

The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year seem to be some of the most hectic of the year. But you don’t want to miss the peace and joy you know Jesus wants to give you in this season. With most small groups meeting only socially, now is a perfect time to embark on a solo adventure in God’s Word.

As you might expect, these pages contain daily Scripture verses and devotions that help you see God at work in your everyday life. But this Discipleship Travel Log also invites you to:

Try Something New

You will be equipped and encouraged to run discipleship experiments and find something to take with you on your journey of faith, into 2020 and beyond.

Find a Next Step

As you explore tools for meditation or methods for prayer, look for the response Jesus is shaping in you.

Get in a Groove

Over the course of these 40 days, you will begin to feel the rhythm of innovation and experimentation for the sake of the Gospel.

Some days will be busier than others; and if you miss a day or two, don’t feel guilty.

Just get back to it. Even the challenging stuff is actually fun.

Jesus again extends his gracious invitation: “You, follow me!”

Today is a good day to take a small next step.

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Justin Rossow preaches, teaches, presents, and writes at the intersection of Scripture, culture, and metaphor theory. With 20 years of ministry experience focused especially on discipleship, Justin brings a refreshing and encouraging voice to the adventure of helping people delight in taking a next step.

Justin is known for his insight and energy, and writes like he talks: with humor, humility, and profound dependence on Jesus. He is the founder of Next Step Press and The Next Step Community. You can follow him online at, or on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon.

Companion Resources for the Kindle Edition

If you haven't got your own copy of You, Follow Me for Advent 2019, you have three options:

If you choose the Kindle edition, you might want to download and print out a few of the daily prayer experiments. The links below allow you to download a PDF file. Print that file landscape on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of computer paper and you will have a hard copy for your personal use.

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